Scott Pickett fick oväntat ställa in förra året på grund av reseproblem men detta år är han laddad med entusiasm och har passet redo. Postnord Norge kommer prata om hur de utvecklar applikationer mot Informix inom sin verksamhet. Är du intresserad av de framtida möjligheterna med Informix ska du även lyssna på Scott. Hans kunskap är gedigen!

Självklart var jag tvungen att ställa några korta frågor.

1)      Why do you come to the event
 “I’ve been to Data Server Day previous years and it is a great opportunity to present the latest inventions to our end clients….”

2)      What will you talk about?
“The latest features in Informix for the last two years.”

3)      What do you like the best about coming to Data Server Day?
“The rather lively discussions I have with attendees after the event. Stockholm itself is without compare … it is gorgeous and inviting, especially at night. “

Om Scott:

Thirty-one consecutive years as an Informix user, programmer, consultant, manager, director, vice president and owner, and presently, for the last ten years, WW Technical Sales for Informix. Married happily for 23 years with 1 son whom is an College Senior. I enjoy travel, European History, classical music and think a bit about the impact of technology on the work place and its implications.