Db2 LUW Modpack 2 och Fixpack 2

[:sv]Såhär innan jul har IBM beslutat sig för att bjuda på en liten julklapp. Nu finns nya fix- och modpacks precis släppta för Db2 LUW.  Spännande ny funktionalitet och förbättringar. Ladda hem och testa!

Mod Pack 2 and Fix Pack 2

  • An enhancement to allow parallel inserts into column-organized tables is enabled in V11.1.2.2.
  • Faster pureScale® member crash recovery. Improve hashing algorithm and increase parallelism in global lock manager recovery design to reduce the recovery window, benefiting pureScale deployment of various sizes, especially with large clusters configured with huge lock list, global lock manager, and global buffer pool.
  • Databases can now be configured to allow connectivity during crash recovery. See Database accessibility during backward phase of crash recovery or HADR takeover.
  • Developers can now store and retrieve JSON data directly by using SQL. The current DB2 V11.1 release includes a client-based JSON solution that embraces the flexibility of the JSON data representation within a relational database. The JSON data is stored in a binary-encoded format called BSON (Binary JSON). SQL-based routines are now available to developers. Interactions with JSON data within DB2 happen through various user-defined functions (UDFs).
  • pureScale environments now support Database Rebuild functionality.
  • An HADR Standby tablespace can now be recovered without a full database re-initialization, and a new STANDBY_TABLESPACE_ERROR flag for HADR_FLAGS monitor element has been added. See How to recover from tablespace errors on an HADR standby database.
  • Databases can now be configured to avoid lock-escalation. See DB2_AVOID_LOCK_ESCALATION.
  • Crash recovery rollback and Rollforward performance improvements through optimized memory management and DGTT handling.
  • Transaction rollback performance improvements.
  • A new db2cluster option allows you to specifically check RDMA communication among all pureScale members and CFs adapters. Developers can now verify RDMA connectivity between hosts without having to run the entire cluster verification workflow, allowing for quicker diagnosis of issues and verification for RDMA communication.
  • The db2sampl command now supports the creation of an encrypted sample database using the -encrypt parameter.
  • A new db2trc option allows developers to control the logging level of the information dumped to CLI trace for CLI/ODBC driver and CLI applications
  • A new db2trc option allows developers to log information into the CLI trace based on search patterns.
  • CLPPlus supports setting the value of the Session Global Variable from the db2dsdriver.cfg file.
  • A new check box element in GUI labeled “Enable SSL security” is now added in the security tab of the Microsoft ODBC Administrator window. This element allows users to set the security configuration parameter value to SSL in DB2 Instance-based client.
  • A new functionality of federation server allows developers to configure Secure Socket Layer (SSL) support to connect to DB2 family data sources.
  • Federation installation enhancement offers better support for PostgreSQL and MySQL in data type mapping and function pushdown.


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