Four Reasons To Hire A Consultant

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Amongst other things, Middlecon is in the consultant business. Our many years of experience have enabled us to be skillful in identifying and matching needs with services and products.  But why does one need a consultant in the first place?


Most companies must decide at some point or another whether they would like to hire a full-time employee who can meet their project or system needs or to bring in an outside consultant.  Situations certainly arise in which hiring a professional to manage IT projects or systems is ideal, but many times, a consultant is far more suited for the job.  While there are many reasons specific for a specific situation or company, I see four underlying advantages.


It saves money

Honestly, cost is almost always the deciding factor in many business decisions, which is why consultants are ideal. They often cost less than hiring a full-time employee; there are no training costs or tax packages; and they require a limited use of company resources.  When hiring a full-time employee, much time and money are spent on getting that new recruit assimilated into the organizational culture and updated on all rules and procedures. This process is repeated if that person decides to leave or to change positions within the company.  What’s more, that employee must be paid for vacation, sick leave, and training. If a consultant is hired, on the other hand, he or she is only paid for time worked, equating to significant savings. Again, if the deciding factor is protecting the bottom line, a consultant may just be your best choice.



Simply put, companies get more knowledge than they are usually willing to buy in-house.   Our consultants come with years of training and experience in the specific areas in which they work and are able to focus on their tasks with expert precision.  With independent contractors, the right person for the job is selected from a pool of experts as opposed to having one person with basic to moderate knowledge in many areas.


Outside perspective

Sometimes employees and project managers become so invested in a project or are clouded by company routine that they lack objectivity.  It is, therefore, extremely beneficial to bring in a consultant from the outside who can offer fresh, new perspectives and innovative solutions to these “old” problems.



The combination of the above benefits results in improved time-effectiveness. Because of a consultant’s expertise as well as the removal of training and integration time, consultants are able to tackle the job at hand with much greater efficiency and focus.


What benefits have you experienced from hiring consultants? 


Cathy Andréasson

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