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At Middlecon we look for the uniqueness in each person and think it’s fun with diversity. All of us share a true devotion to data and have a real depth of expertise in their specialist field.

We focus mainly on IBM solutions and Open Source and are constantly looking for new employees. If you are interested, why not contact our services manager Björn Östman to find out more!

Open Source

We are passionate about openness and Open Source. Our current main focus is Hortonworks Hadoop with Hadoop Security. We also work with Hbase, Phoenix, Hive, Nifi, MySQL, Ruby, Python, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL and others.

IBM solutions

We work with most of IBM’s solutions but focus mainly on middleware. We always look at each company’s unique requirements for availability, redundancy, security, volumes, response times, and delivering solutions that are specific to each customer.

Big Data is only getting bigger and growth rates are increasing constantly. How to handle this over time with different sources, formats, structured and unstructured data? We work with a variety of solutions within Big Data and Information Management, such as InfoSphere, Information Server, DataStage, Qualitystage, ETL, DB2, TSM to name a few. Transforming and transporting data with data quality are leading stars for us!

Our fields of expertise at a glance

Integration and Connectivity. Let’s exchange information with each other! Sure, but how? Here we work with solutions and products such as IBM Integration Bus, WebSphere MQ, API connect, Datapower and Sterling.

Data security. The world is getting more insecure, but we make it safer, at least for the data. In addition to the fact that your data is subjected to ever-increasing systematic intrusion attacks, increasing demands are being made to protect your data. There are new regulatory requirements, such as GDPR, which make companies and authorities face new challenges. Let’s help, we know what needs to be protected by encryption or with security products like IBM Guardium.

License management. All IBM customers who have more than 1,000 employees or run on virtual servers must use the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) to comply with IBM’s licensing rules. Not doing it properly can be a very expensive experience. Managing ILMT consists of installation and configuration, then licensing and software must be linked, i.e. bundled. As we work with IBM licenses and consulting, it gives us a unique position to help with licensing and optimization.

If you are interested in the subjects above, contact Björn today at