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ILMT upgrade from 7.5 to 9.5

Upgrades and bundling is something we have helped companies with over the years. A problem that we have noticed is that many clients still use the older version of IBM ILMT which puts them in a dangerous financial situation.

A typical example is this. ILMT v7.5 is unsupported, which means that the customer cannot guarantee to a 100% that they will be able to comply with IBMs requirement and generate a report every 90 day. As a result, any company with v7.5 installed is facing an alarming risk of unprecedented costs. The fines can go beyond the initial license cost if you are not compliant at a license review.

Our experience is that it is easier to make a new installation of ILMT instead of migrating between ILMT v7.5 and v9.5 as they are based on different products.

For a smaller client with just a few products the installation and bundling might take a few days. A larger customer can need around a hundred hours of consultancy, but it is still a smaller cost than a noncompliance at a review.

For one of our customers we reduced the potential risk per installation of MQ with 500.000SEK to 0SEK. It doesn’t take a lot of calculation to realize that the cost increase rapidly for any business. In this case the small client had six installations.

All projects are specific to each company, but in general a project looks like this.



  • Download of current IBM ILMT software
  • Access the most recent generated IBM ILMT report from current version
  • Provide permission to manage VM managers and servers
  • Open ports for ILMT servers for administrators and clients
  • Open ports between clients and ILMT
  • Identify and list servers with IBM software
  • Provide server access according to specification
  • Appoint contact person and email account (preferably not personal)

This activity is supervised by a Middlecon coordinator but performed by the customer


  • Install IBM ILMT software components on the server. Refers to BigFix, DB2 and ILMT which is needed for a complete installation
  • Installation of ILMT agents to listed servers
  • Apply the latest fixpack
  • Control statuses regarding server, memory, disk and CPU
  • Report any errors with IBM (PMR)

This activity is handled by Middlecon’s IT specialist

Bundle and complete license overview

  • Connect the right license with the right software.
  • Manage and exclude licenses that are included in other IBM products. An example of this is WAS, DB2 and WMQ which often is included in other products and does not need separate licenses.
  • If needed – update software catalogue and PVU tables.
  • Rapportera avvikelser i licensinnehav till kund, det är sedan kunden som rapporterar till IBM

This activity is handled by Middlecon’s IT specialist


  • During the phase “Bundle and complete license overview” personel from the customer can be present for internal education and knowledge exchange.

This activity will not increase the timetable for the project.

Report and approval

  • After a completed installation a first ILMT report is generated and approved by customer. A meeting with walkthrough of the ILMT tool, in person or online.

This activity will not increase the timetable for the project.